Stage Make-up – Introduction

All performers on stage wear a special type of make up. This is to help you look like a character and to make sure the stage lights don’t make your face shine so much the audience can’t see your expressions. Here, Tom Whalley, seasoned stage and pantomime performer introduces the topic.

A Base for the Face

Tom takes you through the basics of applying make-up and even important steps to complete before you add make-up at all.

Pantomime Comic

Tom takes you through the first steps of creating a character using make-up. Here, Tom teaches you how to create a funny, comic character for a pantomime or stage play or musical.


Tom takes you through how to create a charater that is much older than you. Tom uses strong, thick lines on his face, but remember, his audience is looking at him from quite far away so his make-up has to be thicker and more ‘exaggerated’ than normal.

Pantomime Dame

There are very few characters that wear more stage make-up than a Pantomime Dame, so Tom takes you through how to create one of the most ‘over the top’ characters in all of theatre.