Our commemoration of VE Day 75 was a wonderful success with many students, staff, friends and community coming together to create a festival of videos to fit the occasion.

Everything was filmed, edited and produced under lockdown.

We have pooled the videos together in a Facebook Playlist, which you can watch here:


As of 14th May 2020, our VE Day celebration videos have had 30,000 views.

Creating the videos was a lot of hard work, but staff and students were up to the challenge, demonstrating true spirit to make sure that the day went ahead without being thwarted by the Covid-19 lockdown.

Released in short bursts across the whole day and into the weekend, we had everything from the comic, musical, poignant and powerful to suit all tastes.

It was an honour to celebrate our heroes of yesteryear at a time when heroes are walking among us.

We still have one or two more videos to add to the Playlist, so if you haven’t seen any yet, click the link above and sit back and enjoy.