Keeping Heritage Alive

Built in 1907 as a former Baptist church paid for by local miners. After over 100 years serving its community, we took it over and gave it a new lease of life. 

It is a chameleon. It can change overnight from a workshop space, to a magical environment or from the depths of a coal mine to a clean-cut exam centre.

Everyone who visits the centre comments on its warm and welcoming atmosphere. We believe this is because the building was created to serve its community and when you enter, you feel wrapped in that sense of belonging.

Keeping the original vision

The Church has proved to be the ideal venue. It was built at the turn of the century to provide miners with a place of worship. For many years it operated as a Sunday School and provided provision for many young children within the local community. As times changed the Baptist Church took on an array of different roles and remained as a centre of worship until 2012.

It is wonderful to think that by utilising the building we have secured its future ensuring that the heritage of this area isn’t lost.