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Vocal Health Tips and Advice:

·         Don’t Smoke!
·         Avoid excessive habitual “clearing” of the throat– This just aggravates the vocal chords and can cause damage over time
·         When you have a cold rest your voice completely.
·         Always keep well hydrated and drink only water if you are singing that day
·         Before singing make sure you are fully warmed up
·         Avoid shouting- the voice tires and damages easily using this method of communication
·         Avoid dry, artificial interior climates and breathing smoggy, polluted air.
·         Singing out of your range – save these high notes for when you can sing them correctly , with the correct technique
·         Eating heavy meals prior to singing – food will sit heavy in your stomach. Therefore harder to control breathing, it would be much harder to achieve your high range and projection limited
·         In cold weather wear a scarf and keep wrapped up.
·         When you have a cold or “bad throat”- it is time to stock up on vitamins. Vitamin C supplement good, fruit and veg intake should be raised and make warm drinks of honey and lemon juice. Both these ingredients have anti-viral and antiseptic properties! Very useful!!!
·         The voice box in an intricate but delicate instrument. It is prone to infection and can be damaged fairly easily over time. Use common sense all of the above is, just that!
You can do nasal washes and all manner of voice preservation tricks and procedures but if you follow the above general advice this will allow for good vocal health and care.