We were delighted to welcome representatives from Josef Weinberger Ltd to our first show of The Wind Road Boys at Gala Theatre, Durham. It was an honour to welcome weinbergernewsrepresentatives from Weinberger’s to the show. The representatives travelled up from London to Durham on Tuesday (11th June 2013) to see the first performance and were very impressed with the high level of performance shown by all.

It is indeed a privilege to have Weinberger’s attend our event, especially as The Wind Road Boys is a brand new unknown script to them. Many people licence their shows from Weinberger’s but it was wonderful that they liked our script and music so much that they decided to travel to see the production first hand. It was wonderful to have an opportunity to discuss the production with them and to receive their feedback.

“It was fantastic to see the show and learn about what you do. As I mentioned at the time, it certainly is quite unique and something that we greatly admire. Congratulations once again on the show, particularly the standing ovations”
Ryan Macaulay, Weinbergers