Parents today are realising that to help their children succeed in life requires a team effort. Schools play a central role, but extra curricular activities can assist young people to develop confidence and self esteem. Here at Enter CIC we work hard to produce additional support beyond the school environment. We believe students enrolled on our programmes are exposed to exceptional chances to be happy and successful in life.

Working together, we can help your child:

  • Acquire a mastery of skills in the performing arts11219668_967720869915991_6521677935203373740_n
  • Build lasting confidence and self belief
  • Develop excellent concentration and personal application skills
  • Understand how to achieve success through perseverance
  • Challenge themselves through advanced study
  • Develop confidence to take on new challenges
  • Develop a positive and proactive attitude.
  • Develop strength of character to overcome obstacles
  • Provide opportunities to realise their full potential
  • Develop independent and peer group working skills.
  • Understand their role in the wider community