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Written by Paul

24th April 2015

At Enter we always work hard to ensure that students studying with us gain relevant industry experience. We run an array of programmes and we fully understand the importance of ensuring students with an interest in technical theatre are exposed to as many live theatre experiences as possible. As a result we work hard to secure industry work placements in local, regional and national theatres.

This week two of our technical theatre students have gained industry experience working on the touring version of Wicked the musical which is currently in residence at Sunderland Empire.

Liam and Jack arrived at Sunderland Empire on the 23rd April 2015 armed with notepads and pens determined to ensure that they recorded their whole experience. What a time they had! They were given a guided tour backstage and shown how some of the special effects are created. If you have seen Wicked you will recall the very impressive moment in Defying Gravity where the principal character appears to fly in the air. It is a breath taking moment and leaves audiences amazed and exhilarated. Well Liam and Jack were shown just how this spectacular feat is achieved and how the magic of theatre happens. However, as every good crew members knows trade secrets should remain trade secrets!

Liam and Jack worked with the lighting and sound department and throughout the show they sat mesmerised by the equipment, computers and sheer scale of the special effects.

Moments like these are unique and Enter CIC are in the fortunate position of being able to provide our students with these opportunities due to our unique contacts in the industry. A huge thank you must go to Chris and all of the crew at Wicked for making two young students dreams come true! We are sure they are going to remember this experience for a very long time guys! Lets hope they bring all of this new knowledge back to Enter and utilise it for our next production.

The story doesn’t end there because today (24th April 2015) our costume apprentice has spent the full day working with the wardrobe department at Wicked. He has had a super time and was amazed to find out that the costumes can cost thousands of pounds to make! However, we all have to admit that the costumes are out of this world.

Please see below for a few thoughts from our students:

“”Wow, Enter have done it again. they have provided me with an opportunity that I simply couldn’t get anywhere else. It was fantastic seeing how the professionals work on such big shows and seeing how they adapt from theatre to theatre. It was a great opportunity for me to see an array of different lighting and sound equipment  available for big budget shows. Thank you very much  to Enter and the crew from Wicked for the fantastic opportunity.”

“Phenomenal experience. A once in a lifetime opportunity. The show never ceased to amaze me and to know how it was working backstage added an extra element.”


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