Many young people have an interest in the performing arts, but more often than not most students have more experience of being on stage than working in the wings.  Well, here at Enter we aim to make our performers ‘quintuple threats’ (knowledgeable and competent in singing, dancing, acting, musicianship and technical theatre) and believe it is vitally important that young people have a comprehensive understanding of technical theatre and backstage craft too.

With this in mind, on Sunday 14th May 2020, we provided an opportunity for our students to interview Hannah Dearnley who has just finished working on Motown the Musical. Hannah works in the wig department and she provided a wonderful insight into her career and the world of wigs including their role in creating musical theatre characters.

Theatre Fact
Hannah informed our students that the show has 150 wigs for its actors! Take a look at the trailer below for a small taste of the wigs used.

Once again our students were delighted to have such an opportunity. Thank you Hannah for an insightful interview.