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The Wind Road Boys School Workshops 2018

Written by Paul

1st February 2018

Wow! Its been an incredibly busy few weeks. Our creatives have visited 11 schools and conducted workshops with 1215 young people. We have discovered some exceptionally talented young people and we are delighted to be able to provide them with an opportunity to join our professional cast on stage in The Wind Road Boys.

The Wind Road Boys will be staged at Spennymoor Town Hall on the 9th/10th March 2018. This show has received great critical acclaim and has been touring since 2012. Take a look below for some clips and photographs of the school workshops. You may even spot a few people you know!

Ox Close Primary School

“Children appeared to thoroughly enjoy the activities. All children engaged even the ones who don’t like art and drama.” A. Cox

“I think that all the workshop was brilliant all the kids loved it and enjoyed it.” E. Cockburn

“Amazing!!! Children absolutely loved it. Gives the children confidence they may lack from some academics. Staff enjoyed it too.” Miss Dent

“Engaging, fun, focused. The children (all children), really enjoyed it! Wow – I have never seen so much enthusiasm!” Mrs. Robinson

“Fantastic workshop. Fast paced and all of the children were included and engaged. I might even steal some of the strategies.” Mr. Deranney

“Fantastic! All of the children were completely engaged in the activities. All abilities were able to access the tasks because of the way they were broken down.” J. Thompson

“This was a wonderful experience for the children. The Enter Staff took the children through a fast paced session, which encompassed a whole range of skills. It was clear that the children were absolutely captivated and absolutely engaged. I’m sure that it will live long in all of their memories, plus for some it may be the start of further wonderful drama experiences.” Mr Harrison – Head Teacher

“I was extremely impressed with the professionalism of the session and how engaged all of the children were. The fast pace of the routines kept the children alert and interested. I’m looking forward to seeing the show in March.” Cllr Dean Raynard.

“A very enthusiastic, fast-paced session with year 5s and 6s. All children were engaged and keen to take part. Even children who would not normally enjoy performances were seen to be taking part and enjoying themselves – Thank you!” L. Woods.

Middlestone Moor Primary School

“Expectations of the children were extremely clear from the start and of the highest standard. Every child was included and expected to give nothing, but their best. An excellent introduction for children to the discipline required to be successful in theatre.” S Sheard.

“Brilliant methods of control with the children – Kept them focused right through. Very inspirational, especially from each child’s perspective. Fast paced, engaging, fun and all inclusive. A really good workshop. The children were really engaged and enthusiastic.” Mrs. Dodds

“A really good workshop that all the children could join in with. The children were all engaged. “ Mrs. Akester

“Brilliant, well thought out- included everyone. Thank you.” Mrs. Sutcliffe

Dean Bank Primary School

“Fantastic – inspired all the children – pitched at a perfect level for Year 3/4. Engaging and excellent team work.” E. Hemingway

“The children all seemed to enjoy the workshop and were very enthusiastic as a result of the leaders being very enthusiastic and engaging. The activities were well suited for our pupils.” Miss. K. Potts

“Extremely engaging and enthusiastic delivery, had children hooked from start. Great energy throughout the session, promoting taking part, respect and good behaviour.” Mr. Haynes

“Very engaging, staff very enthusiastic which the children enjoyed. Session was fantastic and the children were extremely focussed. Session was enjoyed by all.” Miss. Tallentine

“Children always engaged in tasks, seemed to enjoy doing them. All very enthusiastic, even lower ability and the ones we know have behaviour problems. A fantastic morning. all of the children from both classes were fully focussed and always on taks. The team were lively and enthusiastic and this fed into the children. A great session.” Mr. McIlwain

Rosa Street Primary School

“The lead member of staff had all the children engaged, they remained engaged throughout the session. The children all appeared to have fun.” A. Davison

“Fantastic workshop, children really seemed to enjoy it. Fab job, really got the children listening and taking part. Excellent workshop where the children were totally engaged 100% given by all staff and children.” B.Eltringham

“The workshop was good, it was full of activities for all of the children. It was very engaging for them and relevant to our current history project super Spennymoor. Very engaging for the children. Well organised. The children seemed to really enjoy it.” Y. Hardman

“Definitely a break from the norm! A great way to spend a Friday afternoon. The pupils responded really well and seemed to enjoy themselves.” G. Harman

“Lively, fast paced and fun. Staff were professional and organised. Children were engaged and focused. It was nice to see some of the boys in a different setting.” Mrs. Lindsay

Tudhoe Colliery Primary School

“Children all engaged and context provided about what is going on. Children felt confident to be able to carry out tasks without embarrassment, or self awareness. A range of activities for children to engage with. Quick pace to cover more aspects.” Mrs. Pickard

“Children all engaged. There was a mix of practical and listening work and all children gained something. There were clear aims and expectations and a clear end to the work they did.” Mr. Skoyles

“Super! Had attention of all, worked very fats and kept children’s attention all the way through. They all enjoyed all with a smile on their faces. Photographs are fantastic!” L. Stephens

“Absolutely brilliant! Such control and enjoyment from all children. A fabulous introduction into Stop correcting performing arts. I think a lot of our children will be joining in the future. It was so lovely to see children so engaged at all times during the session. As well as children who are usually very quiet were joining in and enjoying having a go.” G. Allen

Byers Green Primary School

“Fantastic! All children were enthusiastic and engaged in the activities planned. They all enjoyed it and most, if not all, children followed the instructions. I am curious to find out which children you would identify as having a talent for the production! They all listened very carefully. I really enjoyed it too! Thank you!” Mrs. Mowbray

“Children were engaged. Great way of getting their attention. Children looked like they were enjoying the experience. Start activities building up – worked great.” A. Whisker

“Very entertaining for the children. The vast majority of children obviously found it fun. All children participated and seemed excited by the class. I believe it is a very worthwhile exercise that enthused the children.” Cllr Kevin Thompson

“Brilliant workshop. Children were all engaged and enjoyed the workshop. Children followed instructions with enthusiasm. Thank you for coming to Byers Green.”

North Park Primary School

“It was particularly nice to see children sharing talents that are not often seen within the school setting.” A. Logen

“The children were extremely engaged and enjoyed the workshop. The Enter Staff were fantastic!” S. Fothengill

“Very engaging, encouraging and interesting workshop. Children thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to develop drama, singing and acting skills. A fabulous opportunity for children in school. Many thanks for asking us to take part.” E. Spooner

“The children have absolutely loved it! I can tell by the beaming smiles on their faces. Every single one was engaged from start to finish, practising skills that they don’t often get to use. Fab!” S. Dobson 

“What a wonderful opportunity. They absolutely loved it. Every one of them were engaged, participated and really seemed to love it. Even children I wouldn’t expect to join in did. A really great experience for them. Thank you.” Mrs Stephen 

Kirk Merrington Primary School

“Fantastic: Fast paced, kept the children engaged throughout. Lots of energy, the children loved it. Great for all children to have the opportunity to shine. Thank you.” H. Rawlings

“Fast, action packed and wonderfully engaging. All of the children had a fabulous time – they were so involved in the range of activities provided, they were not even aware of the skills they were developing! Many thanks.” Mrs. S. O’Sullivan

St Charles RCVA Primary School

“Children responded well to instructions. Thoroughly engaged at all times. Instructions were always clear and well delivered.”

“Very energetic. Pupils were all engaged. It was nice to see some pupils, who wouldn’t always participate, thoroughly enjoy themselves. The Enter Team were good. As a teacher, I took some tips and ideas for drama.”

“Great sound and behaviour management. All children were engaged and enthusiastic to impress. They all seemed to enjoy it. Thank you for coming”

“The workshop was fantastic, well delivered and the children were really engaged. It would be really good to have you back again.”

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