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2010 was our inaugural year. We began making the amazing within the reach of everyone on 2nd June. After a brief spell working in Sri Lanka helping displaced communities after the tsunami, we began in the North East in September.

The adventure begins

2nd June, 2010.

The day Andrea Flynn and Paul Flynn created Enter CIC and began changing lives for the better and began launching new careers, new opportunities and new adventures for communities across the North East and beyond. The work they started all those years ago continues in the careers and aspirations of all the students that have walked though the doors of Enter CIC and all those they, themselves, positively impact throughout their lives.


Gifted: Performance

December, 2010.

‘Gifted’. A performance featuring over 150 young people (most of whom had never performed before), which showcased their talents and gifts through song, spoken word, dance and movement. The evening ended with a performance by the world’s #1 Take That tribute band, Rule the World.

Over 150 young people on the stage for the first time performing to hundreds of parents and local people. The community of this disadvantaged ex-mining community saw children and young people in a new light.

Workshops for young people

September, 2010. 

Weekly workshops in drama, music, theatre, technical theatre, singing, dancing, scriptwriting and performance, as well as a focus on developing social skills. A local councillor provided funds to engage a small group of children and challenged us to get 50.

Although challenged by a local councillor to get 50 children engaged, we got over 150 week after week. We’d started something in this community that continues today with groups following in our footsteps.

CAVOS Performance

September, 2010

We engaged in a community initiative to show a wide range of peolple and organisations in the community what we were about and how we were going to help young people. There was a fantastic response with lots of offers of support. We engaged stars of stage and screen in the performance, including two members of ‘Rule the World’ the world’s #1 Take That tribute band.

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