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2016 was an astonishing year. We saw more new musicals, old favourites and a host of community benefit through the successful execution of 25 major projects and there was a great deal of community spirit (and tea and cakes) for all.


“Thank you, Enter. I was taken back fifty years to being a teenager again. Wish I could feel like this every day.”

Gaiety attendee.

Durham Masons 2021 Performance.

January, 2016

We receive a special invitation to perform at the 2021 Durham Masonic event in Hall One at the Sage, Gateshead. This opened the campaign for the 5 year effort to raise over 3 million pounds for local causes and individuals in need. This target was smashed within the first couple of years.

The Gaiety Afternoons - Mike Tickell & Alun Armstrong.

March, 2016

Yet more fun and entertainment for the elderly with a wonderful traditional Christmas theme with seasonal refreshments and a live brass band playing carols and musical treats old and new.

The Gaiety Afternoons - Bootleg Beatles.

April, 2016

Another dose of throwback fun and a friendly get together with the iconic Beatles being the flavour of this week. Another Gaiety performance to remember with The Bootleg Beatles, one of the most celebrated Beatles tribute bands in the world.

LAMDA Outstanding Training Centre.

May, 2016

LAMDA Examination Series – Enter was recognised as an outstanding training centre for LAMDA qualifications. Some of our lower school took their LAMDA examinations and all passed with flying colours.

The King and Queen of Lesotho.

June, 2016

Enter CIC perform for the King and Queen of Lesotho (King Letsie III and his wife Queen ‘Masenate Mohato Seeiso). This was a huge honour and our young people were individually presented to the King and Queen at Auckland Castle in the presence of the Bishop of Durham and the Vice Lord Lieutenant of Durham. In honour of the King’s visit, we wrote a song to celebrate Sentebale, Prince Harry’s charity in Lesotho.

The Wind Road Boys - Northern Tour.

July, 2016

The Wind Road Boys sell-out Tour of the North East (including the following venues Sage, Gateshead, Phoenix Theatre, Blyth, Hartlepool Town Hall, Stanley Civic Theatre, Woodhorn Museum). Part-funded by The Gillian Dickinson Trust.

Disney's Jungle Book Summer School.

July, 2016

Our Disney Jungle Book Summer School was a zoological fanfare of fun, games, entertainment and skill building. A performance was held at the end of the week, which was simply amazing!

The Wind Road Boys Concert - Sherburn Community Hall

August, 2016

A discrete performance of the concert version of The Wind Road Boys with a small cast. This was performed at Sherburn Community Hall and was part of the festival or arts being held in the town.

Home Fires at Trimfest

October, 2016

We were commissioned to perform our wonderful and poignant self-penned musical, Home Fires at Trimmest, one of the key festivals of theatre and community engagement in the North.

Framwellgate School Workshops

November, 2016

We hosted a range of workshops in singing, dancing, drama, stagecraft and musical theatre performance. Students were wholly focused and our teachers kept them busy, challenged and inspired throughout.

Santa’s Magical Experience.

December, 2016

The thrilling fourth instalment of our annual Santa’s Magical Experience. Children come with families to experience a performance, and an interactive tour of Santa’s Workshop and see Santa. Each child gets a present that fits their needs and Santa even speaks to them personally (as parents send on the child’s ‘good/naughty’ status as well as the wonderful things they may have done for the family and any hopes and dreams they have).

Lower School Students' Christmas Party

December, 2016

Our wonderful free Christmas Party for our hard-working lower school students, supported by a handful of our volunteering upper school students. We had games, prizes, fun, music and a whole load of cakes and drinks to help keep up the energy for the dancing and singing.

Theatre Trip - Terry Deary's Horrible Histories

February, 2016

We took a handful of interested students to see a performance of Horrible Histories, the show – Groovy Greeks and Incredible Invaders. Students got to meet the author, Terry Deary and have signed copies of his book and show posters. Such a treat for the children to see his characters come to life on a live stage and Mr Deary was wonderfully witty, knowledgeable and giving of his time with the children.

The Curious Case of the Human Being.

April, 2016

We began an educational venues tour across the North East of our own new educational musical for children and schools entitled, The Curious Case of the Human Being. This was a sell-out tour of an exciting and educational climate-change slapstick comedy musical with original songs and it even helped a local school gain their Science Award. Four oddball ‘alien’ characters are charged with discovering a new planet to live on as their own is dying. They come upon Earth of the future, replenished and rid of humans, except for one! They have to work through a range of evolution, biology and science facts to discover whether Earth can be their new home.

This climate change cautionary tale musical was a smash hit with schools and it was performed for hundreds of children. It included all the KS2 Science elements. The first of its kind! This production helped one school achieve its Science Mark.

Micro Organisms

by Paul Flynn | The Curious Case of the Human Being

Alice in Wonderland.

May, 2016

Our Easter Production of Alice in Wonderland was a great hit with the community with young performers aged three to twelve performing the fantastical adventures of Alice. A great skill-builder for young people and even an opportunity for some to see more of the backstage workings and many developed a passion for the technical side of theatre as well as the performance side.

Don Robson Commemoration.

June, 2016

Don Robson Commemoration. Enter receive a special invitation to perform at the Don Robson commemoration event at Durham Emirates Cricket Ground. Mr Robson is credited as the man who brought county cricket to Durham, helping to raise £1m to build a stadium at Chester-le-Street.

The Gaiety Afternoons. West End Jerseys.

June, 2016

The primary tribute act to the Jersey Boys from the 50’s and 60’s. West End Jerseys both uplifted the lives of our elderly community as well as offered free workshops to our upper school. They took the stage by storm as the senior members of the audience wore out our dance floor. And our students had a valuable workshop in microphone technique, singing techniques, voice preservation and stage presence.

Home Fires. Community Performances.

July, 2016

A special performance for the elderly in our local community who were unable to get out to theatres to see the previous performances. This relaxed performance enabled the elderly to access new and inspiring theatre at no cost and in the comfort of an adjusted theatre space. Many of the audience found it an emotional experience and commented how true to life the sentiment, emotions and dialogue was, as they remembered the times with both sadness and tenderness.

The Wind Road Boys. Woodhorn Mining Museum.

July, 2016

We were proud and honoured to be offered a commission to perform at Woodhorn Mining Museum, in Northumberland. This is a special place and was once used as a working mine. It now remains well-preserved for all future generations to see, appreciate and become a part.

National Children’s Theatre Festival.

October, 2016

Enter CIC’s own working theatre, The Enter Centre hosts performances by visiting professional children’s theatre companies as part of the national children’s theatre festival (Take Off Festival 2016).

Student Halloween Party.

October, 2016

Students had a Funtastical Halloween Party as a reward for all their hard work this year.

Theatre Visit – Five Guys Named Moe, Edinburgh.

December, 2016

Enter tutor, Matt Mills had taken the lead role in this West End classic musical. A few staff, students and volunteers went to see him perform in Edinburgh.

Ribbons and Bowes.

December, 2016

Enter CIC hired Bowes Museum for two whole, spectacular nights. We hosted our Christmas performance, Ribbons and Bowes at this iconic museum. Both performances were sell-out performance attended by the public, dignitaries and local celebrities.

Charity Shoe Box Appeal and Concert.

December, 2016

The fifth of a host of regular, annual support events for the community. A local church, which runs a shoe box appeal all year, invites us to help them back the hundreds of boxes needed to be sent to children across the world who won’t otherwise get a Christmas present. We did the box stowage immediately after our carol concert as a reward for the elderly members of the community who had worked hard all year to secure and fill each of the 1000 boxes.

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