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2011 was an amazing year. As well as our daily work supporting communities and individuals, Enter completed 12 major projects and there was a great deal of community spirit for all. We maintained a twice-weekly programme of community initiatives from adult workshops to youth activities for fitness, arts, culture and life skills.


“The work Enter CIC is doing with young people, especially hard to reach children, is excellent & supported by Schools, Police, Parents & Councillors.”

Phil Wilson MP, Sedgefield

Feasibility Study

February, 2011

We undertook a massive feasibility study across South County Durham looking at the need for arts and physical activities for children from 3 to 18 and young adults. We workshopped in local schools with stars from stage and screen and did a wide range of arts activities – free of charge.

AAP theme tune

April, 2011

We wrote a song for the local AAP to use and took some of our students to a professional recording studio. It developed foundations for so much of the professional level work our young people would aspire to later on.

Volunteer Qualification System

June, 2011

Working with local people and the County Council, we helped local volunteers navigate the often confusing world of licensing, chaperoning, working with the council, child protection guidelines and legislation.

Enter CIC Youth Council

July, 2011

Young people meeting to give themselves and other young people a voice in the planning, design and delivery of services for them. Our Youth Council was set up for the serious business of helping their peers, keeping projects in line with their needs and ensuring the sustainability of any initiative in which we engaged.


Ferryhill Remembrance Parade.

November, 2011

We took part in the Ferryhill Remembrance parade with other community members and groups, marching with the entourage. One of our students also laid a wreath at the Ferryhill cenotaph in the grounds of the Town Council offices.

Legally Blonde theatre trip

December, 2011

A wonderful opportunity to visit a classic show in a world-leading theatre. Few, if any, of the students and volunteers had been to Sunderland Empire before this trip.

None of the young people had been to a class A theatre before and, for many, it was the start of a lifelong love of live theatre and performance. Theatre visits would become part of the staple diet of Enter students. 


Teenage Chorus

May, 2011

Tell Me What It’s Like – available from online stores. Profits going to Care For Casualties – The Rifles Charity. After a group of young people showed interest in creating a band, we supported them and helped them write and produce their original song and put it online for sale to support a local charity.

The three young boys, who’d barely known each other before Enter, were given time and resources to write and record their charity single. The song made £750 in only a few days.


The National Arboretum.

May, 2011

Some of our staff and volunteers visited the National Arboretum to research commemorative reflection and how the sacrifices of The Rifles and others in the DLI and the wider armed services are honoured. This was valuable research for our Help for Heroes performance. We spoke to Lt General Brimms about the Arboretum and the value of remembrance.



July, 2011

Heroes. A performance by nearly 100 young people which raised thousands of pounds for Help for Heroes and the Durham Rifles.


The Aspiration Project

September, 2011

Enter was successful in applying for nearly £400,000 from the Reaching Communities National Lottery Fund, which was used, over three years to enhance provision of arts, skills development, health and wellbeing, and employability of young people in our community. We worked with over 7,000 young people (nearly three times our outcome number) and introduced to them a wider scope of opportunities than would have been available to them without Enter.

Our bid, submitted to The Big Lottery Reaching Communities Fund for nearly £400,000 was successful after only a few months operating. Our bid was retained as a model of excellence by Big Lottery.


Christmas Concert

December, 2011

Ferryhill Methodist Church invited Enter students to sing carols old and new and entertain older members of our community.

Christmas Outdoor Performance

December, 2011

150 children, a band truck and a giant Santa in a town centre car park. An exhilarating performance for the community who came out in the pouring rain and enjoyed the whole event…as did the children!

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