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2015 was an amazing year. We performed with West End stars, were specially chosen by Sir Tim Rice to perform at his charity performance, created once-in-a-lifetime work experiences for students and we supported disadvantaged and isolated communities throughout the year’s 10 major projects. Oh, and created yet another large-scale muslical. All in a day’s work…


“Wow, Enter have done it again! They have provided me with an opportunity that I simply couldn’t get anywhere else.”

L.F., Student

Jesus Christ Superstar. Durham Cathedral

April, 2015

Rock Musical Jesus Christ Superstar: Enter CIC granted special license to perform the full show in Durham Cathedral. Only the second time it had ever been performed in a Cathedral in the United Kingdom and the first time as a staged musical! We rehearsed our full cast from January to April performance dates on two rehearsals a week. Absolutely mind-blowing progress in such a short time, is testament to our amazing performers and students as well as our exceptional teachers and staff.

This unique world-first production involved over 150 young people from disadvantaged communities. It was performed to over a thousand people and it helped us to secure ‘An Evening with Tim Rice and Friends, a charity performance by Sir Tim Rice.

Aladdin Summer School.

July, 2015

Our Aladdin Summer School for children across the North East is a smash hit. A week-long rehearsal and fun period was topped off by a free performance for parents and the local community.

Home Fires.

August, 2015

Another outing for our own, self-penned musical, Home Fires. Performed before an audience of celebrities and dignitaries as well as old soldiers and Chelsea Pensioners on Palace Green, Durham. Celebrating the bravery and sacrifice of soldiers of the Durham Light Infantry.

National Children’s Theatre.

October, 2015

Enter CIC’s own working theatre, The Enter Centre hosts performances by visiting professional children’s theatre companies as part of the national children’s theatre festival (Take Off Festival 2015).

Charity Shoe Box Appeal Support.

December, 2015

The fourth of a host of regular, annual support events for the community. A local church, which runs a shoe box appeal all year, invites us to help them back the hundreds of boxes needed to be sent to children across the world who won’t, otherwise, get a Christmas present.

Durham Castle.

May, 2015

Enter invited to perform at County Durham Community Foundation (CDCF) event at Durham Castle charity event to raise funds for CDCF.

Masterclass – Theatre Director Graham Murray.

August, 2015

We hosted a guest lecture from renowned London and international director and theatre producer, Graham Murray. Our students learned about the mechanics of a range of theatre crafts as well as discovering what opportunities there are for them if they choose theatre as a career.

An Evening with Tim Rice and Friends

October, 2015

On the back of our stunning performance of Jesus Christ Superstar – seen by Tim Rice’s musical director – Enter receive a special invitation to perform with Sir Tim Rice and a whole host of West End and Broadway stars at Sage, Gateshead. Sir Tim Rice requests that Enter CIC perform a world-first – a new verse to his smash hit song, A Winter’s Tale, made famous by David Essex.

We performed a world first at this Charity performance at The Sage, Gateshead; A Winter’s Tale was rewritten by Sir Tim and first performed by two of our students. We performed alongside West End starts and The Northern Philharmonic Orchestra.

Ebenezer Scrooge.

December, 2015

Sunderland Empire: Enter CIC takes over Sunderland Empire and perform our own smash hit, self-penned musical, Ebenezer Scrooge. Performed, by a cast of over 100 children and young people, to a full house and a standing ovation, we were honoured to be awarded a Commendation Certificate from Mrs Sue Snowden, The Lord Lieutenant of County Durham (King’s representative) for our production of Ebenezer Scrooge.

The Gaiety Afternoons.

December, 2015

An exceptionally popular, large scale programme for the elderly entitled, The Gaiety Afternoons. A wide range of regular activities, performers, musicians, speakers and raconteurs commissioned to put on a visual and sometimes a singalong treat for the over 60s in our local communities. With entertainment, singing, dancing and tea service (with scones, biscuits and cakes) this is a highly popular series of events which focus on eliminating a sense of isolation, loneliness (and fear of coming over the doorstep) in our elderly communities.

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