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2021 was an amazing year. As well as our daily work supporting communities and individuals, Enter completed 8 major projects from feeding hundreds of children and teaching them how to safely use healthy and fresh ingredients to create their own dish, to poignant and innovate remembrance events and even a for children, by children magazine to beat the Covid blues!


“Absolutely amazing event for my children.”

Fun and Food, Easter.
Steel Family

“A magical, brilliant afternoon.”

C. Couch
The Shoemaker and Friends

“I really appreciate all of the support you’ve provided over the last year.”

IGCSE Double Award Candidate.”

Creative Magazine.

February, 2021

After nearly a year of lockdown and social distancing, Enter decided to create a magazine that could be accessed by young people and families online and included lots of activities to combat the sense of isolation and anxiety that Covid was producing in communities.

The magazine was created during lockdown. Filming was done in individual homes, sent to us and we pieced them together into discrete videos. This was a fantastic project designed to improve the mental health of young people at a time when life was very challenging and confusing for young people.

The project provided engaging activities, communication with peers, as well as an end product they could be proud of and give them a sense of achievement, improving confidence, self-esteem and self-worth.

One subject was emotional resilience and we looked at the role of an agony aunt. Watch the video below to find out more! The magazine was published professionally and read by thousands internationally.

We engaged a number of celebrities, too. One being movie star Bella Ramsay (The Last of Us, Game of Thrones). Our young editors interviewed Bella as well as other stars from stage and screen. 

Fun and Food May Half Term.

May, 2021

This was an exciting and engaging project using activities to educate young people and their families on the origins of fruit and vegetables and how to get the best out of everyday foods to make delicious and healthy meals.

As well as activities in our centre, we conducted home deliveries directly to young people and families. We made up special hampers, which were distributed free of charge and were jam packed with healthy goodies to feed families during the half term period! The impact of this project was phenomenal.

This project inspired young people to cook and bake at home.

80 families engaged with this event and we had a great number of Facebook messages showing us children in the kitchen, safely preparing food with family members and, most importantly, enjoying the fruits of their labours!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Dining Experience.

August, 2021

We are passionate about projects that are adventurous and open up new worlds for children. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Children’s Theatre Dining Experience gave children access to free healthy meals and recipes during the school holidays.

The project, inspired by the much loved Charlie and the Chocolate Factory story. Specifically designed for children from 4-11 years of age. Children stepped inside our fully immersive theatre environment to find themselves inside Charlie's house, Mr Wonka’s office, and finally entering the magical world of the sweetie factory, which even smelt of chocolate!

Families were allocated themed dining areas and treated to a live theatre performance where they worked alongside magical characters and mascots to help Charlie and Mr Wonka solve puzzles designed to turn the sweetie factory into a healthy eating environment fit for today’s society.

Fun, food, physical activity and prizes were in abundance!

In addition we provided access to a specially designed online resource and our specially-designed printed magazine to keep the fun going when children return home - including how to cook Charlie's favourite dish. Over 300 children and nearly 200 parents attended the events.

Festival of Remembrance 2021

November, 2021

Durham Cathedral. Some of our ex- and current -students performed to great applause both in daytime rehearsals and during the final evening performance.

Fun and Food Easter.

March, 2021

Peter Rabbit’s Magical Easter Experience contained a host of outdoor and open-tent-based activities for young people to help educate them on how to prepare their own food, with delicious and healthy recipes.

Mr McGregor's Chef provided everyone with a live cooking demonstration (ably assisted by French Masterchef puppet Le Chef). After the event, many children sent us pictures and videos of themselves making Mr McGregor's vegetable and pasta dish, which he had demonstrated.

This was one of the first face-to-face projects to physically run in County Durham during the Covid pandemic. To comply with regulations, we remodelled the project to include more outdoor, immersive activities. Children entered Mr McGregor's Garden and learned about fresh fruit, its health value and how it's grown.

They then entered our Mystery Marquee and interacted with live and still characters (Jeremy Fisher, Mrs Tiggywinkle, Jemima Puddleduck and had a tea party with Peter Rabbit himself!

Hundreds of children attended this outdoor event with their families. They left with hampers, activity booklets and crayons and, of course, Easter goodies!

Norman Cornish House Art - Beamish Museum

July, 2021

One of our students was invited to create some art work to be produced on one of the walls in the Norman Cornish house sitting room at Beamish Museum. The works, part of the Beamish Museum 'Make Your Mark' project, includes work by other local artists. The art works will be wallpapered over, but remain beneath for good. Norman Cornish was well known for drawing on his house walls during spell of redecorating! What a great tribute!

Community Remembrance Immersive Event.

November, 2021

The Enter Centre was awash with pride and stunning 360 degree visuals as well as live action in an immersive multimedia and live performance experience.

The Elves and the Shoemaker.

December, 2021

The Elves and the Shoemaker. Covid-secure event for children and families. 

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